ENDRESS Power Generators – assuring in technology & quality

ENDRESS is the leading manufacturer of mobile generators Germany. Since 1914 we offer high quality products »made in Germany« which have to proof their reliability daily in tough and persistant use on construction sites, in the disaster managment (civil protection) or as backup supply for industrial and home users.

For every use case we can offer a suitable solution – and if necessary tailor-made for you.

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Backup Supply

Power failures are more frequent than ever before…

They are caused by natural catastrophies, Weather chaos or ageing distribution networks. Whole locations “sit“ in the dark even though permanent supply of electricity is a matter of course today. One quickly forgets how dependent one is when the power supply fails unexpectedly. Heating systems lie still, electrical devices which are part of our normal daily life simply do not function anymore. It goes well for those who have taken precautions and have secured the power supply to their home with an emergency power generator from ENDRESS.

Endress has designed complete emergency power sets for manual or automatic emergency power supply. Units are available in 4 – 2,500 kVA performance classes with 230 V synchronous alternators or 400 V Duplex alternators for private homes and small companies that want to keep their IT system operating during a power outage. One further advantage lies in the mobility: Just disconnect the unit from the household wiring and use it wherever mobile power is needed, such as in the leisure or hobby area.

The simple and rapid installation is performed by your specialist electrical dealer who will support you both with advise and during selection of the emergency power supply set.